BB Walls for 8900, Tour, Bold II




Obviously the focus here is weather. Now that the 9700 is my daily device, I noticed that the smart folks over at RIM removed to “F” shortcut key to get to profiles. So it’s hidden. Scroll up to access hidden profiles, then to down to access the weather app of your choice. Fonts are still left untouched, unless of course you are running a beta OS that screws it up. Also, the new message indicator area is a nice touch I’m considering adding to all my themes from here on. Any feedback is always welcomed.

P.S. For you date junkies, I placed it on the app screen to leave the homescreen as minimal as possible 🙂

8900 (4.6 and 5.0 OS) & 9700 OTA Download

9630 Tour OTA Download

Bold 9000 OTA Download

Here is the wallpaper I used since its not the default on the theme. My bad!

Some 480×360 Wallies


Wallpapers: For Bold


Wallpapers: For 8900 and Tour


Click on each, then save it to your PC.