Special Thanks


Thank you Adam from Hungary. That was pretty cool of you man.


In Twenty Ten…

  • I may begin selling (affordable) themes, while still providing free ones.
  • My SVGs/animations will remain original.
  • My layouts will remain original.
  • My satisfaction will remain in your “thank you’s”
  • I will continue to take your requests, as it means you like my work.
  • I will never disrespect any of you because you like other themers.
  • I will give credit where credit is due if I borrow ideas.
  • I will upgrade my sluggish, tired, crappy 8900 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to visit My Theme Journal for the last half of 2009, and stick around to see what I come up with in 2010.

Happy Birthday



Screenshot of the Day


8 17 09

Out Sick


I have been sick for the past couple days. I should be back to normal by Sunday and hopefully back with something new. If not, I’ll have an idea for something new at least.

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