In Twenty Ten…

  • I may begin selling (affordable) themes, while still providing free ones.
  • My SVGs/animations will remain original.
  • My layouts will remain original.
  • My satisfaction will remain in your “thank you’s”
  • I will continue to take your requests, as it means you like my work.
  • I will never disrespect any of you because you like other themers.
  • I will give credit where credit is due if I borrow ideas.
  • I will upgrade my sluggish, tired, crappy 8900 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to visit My Theme Journal for the last half of 2009, and stick around to see what I come up with in 2010.


9 Responses to In Twenty Ten…

  1. ashabees says:

    hehe, I heart you!!! your post is the best, just like your themes! 🙂

  2. b3m says:

    well it seems like twenty ten will be your best year so far!!! 🙂 cant wait for it.. Now don’t you go remaking others themes and calling them “new fresh themes” you hear? .. lol
    Can’t wait for your themes..

  3. ajdill says:

    i love ur straightfowardness! (is that a word) anyway i look forward to anything you bring! Happy 2010!

  4. jackie says:


    i was about to EXPLODE if someone didn’t bring up this nonsense.

    and btw; absolutely love your themes.

  5. Cindy says:

    Should have taken the time out to visit your blog earlier, I’m sorry.
    I love it, themes are simple and clean as they have always been and you’re pretty e-famous now. Bwahaha ❤ Cindy.

  6. Kiggy says:

    thank you for being such an awesome theme maker. have a great 2010 🙂

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