Wuvable Hearts: Bold 9000


Download OTA β€’ Download ZIP


12 Responses to Wuvable Hearts: Bold 9000

  1. TheChefSLC says:

    All your themes are pretty nice. Thank you for your time and effort on them. This one though i would love to have for my wifes 8310. any way i could talk you into porting it over to it?

  2. dearfloyd says:

    I actually have one for the 8300 but its a little different, given the limitations in the theme builder. Try this OTA link.

  3. FBR says:

    Omg floyd I soo want this for the 8900!!

  4. FBR says:

    Thank you! Its a really cute theme. I luv ur pic too…wearing the famous beanie!! Lol

  5. FBR says:

    I’m sure u can and u will. U got skillz!!

  6. FBR says:

    I’m still waiting for this one Floyd πŸ˜‰

  7. Surfergirl11 says:

    Could you make one for 8900??? This is red hot :)) Thanks

  8. FBR says:

    Woohoo thx for the 8900 OTA Floyd ur the man πŸ™‚

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